Biblical Approach to Coaching Leaders

Authors:  Laos, E. M., Torres, J. J., & Wilson Jr., R. L. (2018).  

Publication: Journal of Practical Consulting, 6(1), 123–130.

Abstract: This article aims to highlight the advantages of integrating biblical perspectives and professional practices of the leader through coaching. The three basic biblical principles this article explores are faith, truth, and perseverance anchored in the biblical accounts of James. The integration of these three practical teachings adds value to the coaching profession while it fosters the establishment of deep-rooted and trusting relationships. These biblical concepts provide insight, understanding, and solutions for coaching practitioners in order to develop the leader to enhance relationships within the organization providing foundational competencies which improve the leader’s performance in all areas of life. Trusting relationships are an innate necessity for leaders to partake in any endeavor throughout their personal or professional life.